Google Analytics Refund Tool - make a refund in GA in few seconds

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Fast and effective

Refund tens of transactions in less than a minute - just copy-paste transaction IDs. No coding or imports.


We use SSL protection and do not save any refund data.


You can use this tool for free. However, we do not recommend importing more than 100 refunds per day because of GA bot protection.

1. Create a list of transactions you want to refund

Prepare the transaction for a refund and get your Universal Analytics ID (looks like UA-xxxx-xx). Please notice, we use Enhanced Ecommerce for product refunds. It must be active in your account.

2. Paste your transaction data

You may refund single products from any order (when it is partial refund) or you may copy paste transactions IDs.

3. Check the result

Go to your Conversion - Ecommerce - Sales Performance overview in Google Analytics and you shall see refund transaction amount. You may also create custom view to check source/medium or campaign for your refunds and move your reporting to higher level.

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